Trakblaze Rail and Road Weighbridges and Weighing SystemsTrakblaze Rail and Road Weighbridges and Weighing Systems Trakblaze Rail and Road Weighbridges and Weighing Systems

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Trakblaze International is a Train Weighing Systems company with over 80 years experience in manufacturing, servicing, import and export of train weighing, truck and vehicle scales worldwide.

"Static and In-Motion Train, Truck and Vehicle Weighing" is a very specialized field, and Trakblaze is the only company in the world that have the most comprehensive range of Train, Truck and Vehicle scales and weighing equipment including, high speed in motion systems and portable train scales for all passenger, freight trains, rail workshop and any type of rail or road vehicle.

Trakblaze was the first company in the world to achieve high speed train weighing up to 85kmh Govt. trade approved' in 2001.

With over 300 train weighing systems installed worldwide, Trakblaze has become the leader of train weighing systems.

All of our train weighing systems involve "Load Cell" technology which is the only genuinely recognized method of long term accurate and reliable train weighing and uses the exact principal as weighbridges, truck scales, people scales and every other general scale is based upon.

This combined with our IT, mechanical and electronic weighing engineers, makes "Trakblaze" the leader in Static and In-Motion Truck and Train Weighing systems. Although "Static" & "In-motion" truck and train weighing is our main focus, we also manufacture and supply similar systems for Road Transport, Truck and Weighbridges.

Trakblaze Rail and Road weighing systems aim for the future is to continually be recognized as the weighing experts throughout the world.

A rail scale is also called "railroad scales" or "train scales". Our rail scales are widely used by many railway operators, mining companies and rail vehicle maintenance workshops.

Our rail scale is installed in the track and weighs a train when a train passes over. The train scales weighing results are then stored locally or transferred to remote locations and new technologies are used for data sampling, analog-digital conversion, and data transmission. With the advanced and well designed weighing electronics, our train scales can be used to measure the weight of trains travelling up to 85kmh, and the weight data can be transferred to anywhere in the world, by phone line, internet etc.

There are two types of train scale systems: Strain Gauge Systems and Loadcell Weighing Systems. Loadcell weighing systems have been proven to be the most accurate and reliable train and truck weighing systems for more than 30 years. Many strain gauge systems are now being replaced by loadcell based train weighing systems, as in the past users found these type of systems to be unreliable and having constant temperature problems, and also high installation and maintenance costs along with lengthy installation and repair down time.